Why Choose Strome Networks

  • Achieve higher bandwidths and longer reach through a high quality fiber optic link

  • Average Attentuation Coefficient of installed SMF28e+ = 0.19db/km

  • Fast data delivered through the most direct route between Miami, Jacksonville, and Atlanta

  • Physical security from an entirely buried fiber plant, designed to withstand environmental conditions and natural disasters

  • Accessible fiber every 5,000 to 7,000 feet via a series of installed hand holes (HH) enables logical connection points to the network

  • Controlled access with Private ROW prohibits unauthorized access

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The Strome Advantage

Strome Networks’ southeast segment running from Miami, FL to Atlanta, GA, contains total of 708 route miles and 11 owned colocation facilities. Strome Networks neutral infrastructure enables service providers throughout Florida and Georgia to grow their network footprints and increase their reach in local markets by:

  • Leasing dark fiber along the Strome Networks backbone
  • Installing their own optical and electrical networking equipment in the Strome Networks colocation facilities
  • Offering network services directly to and from the facilities
  • Interconnecting with new customers generating revenue without the need for and expense of local access circuits
  • Reducing operating expenses while increasing network capabilities by establishing a network access presence in one or more of Strome Networks co-location facility.

Long Haul Dark Fiber

Long haul typically relates to fiber that runs between major city pairs. Strome Networks offers long term, long haul routes to clients via three primary options: 20 Year IRU, Lease-to-IRU and Monthly Lease. In all three options, colocation facilities are available every 60 miles along the routes.

Short Haul Dark Fiber

Short haul fiber serves those users that need fiber only in an intermediate area typically for local access to a Strome Networks colocation facility. Short haul dark fiber benefits local network operators by being optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Network-Neutral Colocation

Strome Networks system contains numerous colocation facilities owned and operated by Strome Networks. These facilities are located approximately every 60-route miles (100km) along the route. Clients have an option to lease cabinets in these facilities for the installation and operation of their optical amplification, regeneration and core transport equipment. These colocation facilities are essentially modular Meet Me Room's with fully redundant power, 24x7 security, fire suppression and of course direct access to the Strome Networks’ dark fiber system.


  • 55 lockable cabinets with 23" wide rails, available in 40 RU, 20 RU, 12 RU, or 9 RU
  • Redundant HVAC, with incrementally upgradable facility as demand dictates
  • 208V/3 Phase/600A Utility, Generac 100KW backup generator power, Emerson NetSure -48V DC plant with battery backup
  • 24/7 remote monitoring for intrusion, heat, smoke, or carbon monoxide
  • Category 5 hurricane compliant wind rating

About Strome Networks

Flexible for all needs, Focused on success, Fast so you don't have to be

Strome Networks is the first open-access, integrated, network-neutral colocation and dark fiber superstructure provider in the United States with a national plan.

Strome Networks provides next generation long haul and short haul fiber optic solutions with integrated neutral colocation services for domestic and global network operators.

Strome Networks is on track to meet the demands for access to neutral colocation and dark fiber services throughout the continental United States.

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